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GS150R is a 150cc, 4-stroke air-cooled engine that delivers robust acceleration performance in the low to mid range. The engine is specially deigned to fulfill the conflicting demands of acceleration and fuel efficiency.

The dynamic GS150R is available in three electric colours – Pearl Mirage White (YPA), Candy Antares Red (APS) and Glass Sparkle Black (YVB).


The Hayate is a Japanese word meaning “Fresh Breeze” or “Swift wind”. Built with the thought of providing customers with a motorcycle that is comfortable and makes their daily travelling enjoyable, Hayate is a mileage value-packed product.

The HAYATE is available in 6 colour options – Glass Sparkle Black- Red Graphic (YVB), Glass Sparkle Black- Blue Graphic (ACX), Pearl Mirage White (YPA), Pearl Mira Red/Glass Sparkle Black (JSP), Pearl Moon Stone Grey (YWC).


The Suzuki SlingShot Plus offers a complete package in terms of Style, Comfort, Performance and Practicality – all combined in a 125 cc bike. It addresses the customer’s need for a bike that is as frugal on fuel as a 100 cc bike and yet has the looks to match a 150 cc premium bike. The product is available at a price that not only makes it affordable but also meets all requirements.

The Suzuki SlingShot Plus series is available in four colours –YVB: Glass Sparkle Black – Red Graphics, AZX: Glass Sparkle Black – Blue Graphics, YPA: Pearl Mirage White and 19A: Candy Antares Red.


When designed well and manufactured with care, a motorcycle can define the times as much it does the rider. The Suzuki GIXXER is that motorcycle. The GIXXER is available in five colour – Pearl Nebular Black (YAY), Candy Cardinal Red (PDD).